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In this season of celebration, we want to focus on blessing two regions of the Muslim world in which God has given us the privilege of serving Him. Our desire is to share the Good News and the hope of Christ with those who do not yet know Him through two very special projects:

“School of Hope” in Senegal

In which children from 3 to 6 years of age are given the opportunity to have an education, in a region of extreme poverty.
The median age in this nation is 19 years; a large percentage of the population is young, and 42% of Senegalese are illiterate (this percentage is even higher among women). Many children of school age do not attend school, and child labor is still very commonplace.

Our desire is to impact Senegal with improved opportunities for education. This project is focused on one of the neediest ethnic groups, among whom there is a strong tendency to marry off young girls before the age of 15. With the love of Jesus, we wish to make a difference in their lives, bringing hope and the opportunity for a better life.

Our preschool education project is for children from 3 to 6 years of age in the French language. We desire to make education accessible for many more children. With your help, we can do it!

With each monthly donation of $15, you will give a child the chance to receive literacy education, breakfast and lunch at school, a school uniform, and Christian values taught by teachers who are local believers trained by a Brazilian Baptist agency.

Senegalese children impacted directly: 35
Indirect impact: 300 persons in the village


“House of Love” in Indonesia

In which offers assistance in the areas of food, medical care, and psychological and spiritual care to elderly persons who have been abandoned.

In Indonesia, we collaborate with another sector of the population, the elderly. In a rural community, we offer food, medical care, and psychological and spirtual care. Many young people from rural areas are emigrating to larger cities to look for work, and they leave behind their elderly family members. Often, the elderly lack retirement pensions, medical insurance, or a source of income. They are at a high risk of extreme poverty, illness, and isolation.

By providing a testimony of love, we want to impact the lives of these individuals in all their areas of need. Our desire is to bless them for eternity, that they might receive a message of hope for this life and the next one. With your help, this is possible!

For each gift of $15, you will provide an elderly person with the opportunity to receive medical care, medication, lunch and dinner in a dining hall, non-perishable food items, and physical therapy sessions.   

Elderly persons impacted in Indonesia: 21
Indirect impact: 200 persons


Contribute towards the extension of the Kingdom of God in these countries which are so greatly in need of Christ.
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Sponsor a children
in Senegal

Sponsor an elder
in Indonesia